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Reliable Transportation Brokerage and Specialists

The Match Maker, Inc. provides reliable, experienced transportation brokerage and consultation services to shippers and carriers in North America. We are a full-service transportation brokerage company located in Florence, SC, and founded in 1981 – one of the first transportation brokers after industry deregulation – with over 30 years of industry experience "matching" freight with trucks.

Shipper and Carriers – We Find the Perfect Match!

At The Match Maker, Inc., our goal is to help "match" and direct shippers' loads of freight with properly licensed, insured motor carriers' trucks and equipment. Hence we act as a true "Match Maker" for both our shippers and carriers. Since 1981, we have helped over 35,000 carriers and shippers move freight. We offer extremely competitive and attractive rates to our carriers at reasonable prices to our shippers – combined with reputable and quality transportation dispatch. Getting set up as a carrier or shipper is easy; click on our Carriers or Shippers page to learn more about how The Match Maker can handle your freight needs.